Universal Quantum Therapy offers a safe environment where you will receive gentle, yet profound guidance to restore your energy, life, and body into harmony enabling you to live in the highest levels of bliss and love.

Science has now successfully proven what masters have said for centuries. Everything is energy, everything. From the warming rays of the sun on your cheek, to the sounds you hear and the words you speak, even the thoughts you think and emotions you feel are all forms of energy we can harness to heal. From the beginning of your existence you have been affected by the vibrational energy around you.

You were imprinted with the vibrations that the people in your life have resonated. Those energies would have negative, or positive influences on your being. Some may have been of ease, joy, abundance, or you may have inherited feelings of pain or trauma –
for instance, an unexplained extreme fear of spiders, snakes, heights, or other such phobias.

Universal Quantum Therapy will help your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and allow you to enjoy your life at a high vibration through, meditation, prayer, classes, treatment sessions, sampling of modalities, and much more to benefit you on a quantum level.

What our clients have to say…

On Medical Intuition

When we were unable to conceive, a friend referred me to Barb. Barb was able to tell me that I had a blocked tube, and that everything else was good. She gave me some exercises to do to clear the blockage. My doctor agreed to have this checked out, and a blockage was located. Then a date was set for a procedure to clear the blockage, but the blockage was gone. They determined the initial test where dye was injected to look for the blockage, had already cleared the block!! I was able to conceive immediately.Annabelle, Canada

I was a wreck. So overwhelmed that I was ready to check into the hospital.  In a few short minutes, Barb had found my biggest trigger.  Taken me back to age 7 days old, and had calmed me to the point that I was able to carry on, without medication!Melissa, BC, Canada

On Addiction

In 4 months of working with Universal Quantum Therapy, my son went from an angry mean drunk, to a caring human being.  He is now in a relationship and making plans for the future.  There are no words to describe the profound turn around in his life.  Thank you for your work!Derrick and Deanna, WA, USA

Thank you Barb for clearing my eating disorder.  You picked up right away that it was a generational issue.  I am so excited to report that other family members are noticing improvements as well!  This has been such an amazing experience, I feel so much more in control!Beth, AB, Canada

On Life

I am so blessed to know Barb and be on this Journey.  I have witnessed miracle after miracle in my own life and in the lives of my children and my grandchildren as Barb has guided me and mine, energetically, emotionally, and sometimes physically to a greater understanding, acceptance, and passion for the importance of this great work.  I would recommend that anyone who feels the slightest twinge of  truth resonating from these words to call upon Barb and her team to help you to help yourself, to open your eyes and your hearts to the truth and reality of energy work.  It is fun. It is exciting. It is absolutely amazing.  Come join the movement.Catherine, BC, Canada